Celine was born in London and lived in France for six years,  before settling on the Isle of Man in 1974.  Surrounded by beautiful countryside, her love of nature and exploring the Islands surroundings influenced her creativity from an early age. 

 She left the Island in her late teens to travel and lived in Greece for eight years working as a fashion model.  She had the opportunity to visit many ancient ruins where  her interest and appreciation of  Greek pottery grew. In the late 90's she returned to full time higher education on the Isle of Man. It was there that Celine first discovered her passion for clay and  graduated with a distinction in Advanced GNVQ in Art&Design and grade A's in A level Ceramics and Fashion Textiles.  She then went onto complete her degree at Wolverhampton University graduating in 2004 with BA hons in Ceramic Design.

     Since then Celine has been developing her work constantly pushing the boundaries of hand building techniques in porcelain and experimenting with its fragility and translucent qualities.  Celine has participated in several selective international ceramic fairs throughout England and Wales and held the post of Exhibitions Officer for The Midlands Potters Association from 2006 - 2008. She also started to work with special needs as classroom assistant progressing to tutoring arts & crafts, which then led her to provide a variety of clay work shops in primary schools.

   Celine returned to the Isle of Man with her kiln in August  2008. She has provided a variety of workshops to all ages and sells  her work through various outlets, galleries and  exhibitions on the Isle of Man .  She is now based in Union Mills, Strang  road, where you can visit her studio shop.


    My inspiration comes from the life force inherent in nature and its strong connection to my own inner being.  I use personal references such as my love of nature, the sea, luscious fabrics and haute couture to inspire my forms. I find echoes of my work in the sensual openings of the petals in Georgia O'Keefe's paintings and draw inspiration from close up photographic imagery of flowers.

     I love to walk in the countryside and observe all the naturally reoccurring grooves and folds in nature. My work has also been influenced my dress making and I have developed a similar way of working with the clay so giving the illusion of clay metamorphosing into fabric. The use of light in some of my sculptures with the translucency of the porcelain and the satin vibrant glazes enhances the sensuality of the forms and accentuates the openings rythms, grooves and folds.

     My work is hand built and constructed by one or many thinly rolled ,out pieces of clay which I add texture to before folding and manipulating while still malleable. Some of my large sculptures are constructed over a period of several days and can take two to three weeks to dry slowly and evenly otherwise cracking will occur. I make my own glazes and spray one glaze onto another to achieve a varied palette of colours. My work is fired in a electric kiln 1260 -1280.

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